About Us

Big Little Things is L’OCCITANE Malaysia 1st ever recycling programme since 2019! Our goal is to mobilise people to make big impact on the environment with the little things we do.

As part of our effort towards our reducing waste commitment, we believe that recycling will keep nature free from pollution & help to achieve a circular economy where each material can have a second life.

In partnership with local waste separation & recycling provider, I-CYCLE Malaysia, you can now recycle your empties at select L’OCCITANE boutiques all across Malaysia!

55kg of plastic is used in each household per year
Is take 500 years for plastic to fully decompose
80% of waste generated in Malaysia can be recyclable

1. Beauty, skincare & hair care packaging in “FULL SIZE” of any brand (*Please refer to the full list of accepted packaging - click the button below).

2. Only completely clean & dried empties are accepted as a basic rule of recycling.

Full List of Acceptable Beauty Recyclables